A photographer by trade, an art historian by education, and a designer by energetic blue print, I love sharing my passion for interior design and photography. I’ve long been obsessed with tone, light, and texture, telling anyone who would listen what color I am painting my bedroom; clipping images and floor plans from magazines; trekking to Home Depot for tools to finish my latest project and local nurseries to ogle at their botanical beauties; visiting independent shops, fine art galleries, and museums around the world for visual inspiration.

My experience includes blogging for leading lifestyle site, Apartment Therapy, completing a gut renovation on a 1917 home, and leading a 23,00 square foot commercial office re-design. My photography has been published in international design magazines and with great enthusiasm across the web.

And now for a bulleted list:

  • I've been photographing people and places for 25 years and collecting and designing spaces for 5 years

  • I am grateful to have lived in Boston, Miami, and New York City and have traveled extensively throughout the US and to Costa Rica, Iceland, France, England, Morocco, Spain, Mexico, and Italy

  • I prefer quality to quantity

  • I am really bad at selling myself and prefer to be out of the spotlight

  • I listen to NPR and educational podcasts daily and am an avid reader of fiction and the New York Times

  • I've been listening to and appreciating music all my life

  • I value communication and integrity above all

I also photograph weddings, bat/bar mitzvahs, and make portraits. You can view my blog and this portfolio on


With every project I am relentlessly organized, diligently communicative and tirelessly driven to serve my clients.  I bring warmth, great listening skills, sharp follow through, and a killer eye for detail to my work. I leverage my extensive art background, technical expertise and meticulous research and planning skills to deliver each assignment on time and with optimum result. 


Call: 603 682 6743